I’m super excited to report that since our public launch less than 10 months ago, Bitreserve has powered over $210 million U.S. dollars worth of cloud money transactions. Our platform is expanding every day and we now enable people and businesses from 161 countries to hold, convert, send and receive cloud money anywhere, instantly, safely and for free!

We’re changing money each and every day thanks to the support of Bitreserve members like you. We’re committed to transforming the old and bureaucratic world of finance, along with the slow, expensive and opaque legacy financial and banking system, and replacing it with one that is instant, transparent, accountable and affordable for people everywhere. Thanks for joining us in this world-changing effort!

Due to great demand, we continue to add currencies to support our global members who wish to transact internationally without fees or delays. We now support 16 currencies and 4 commodities and plan to add many more stores of value to our platform over the coming weeks and months.

We’re actively working on ways to make it super easy to fund your Bitreserve account without the friction of acquiring and transferring bitcoin as a first step. True financial inclusion is a guiding principle here at Bitreserve and we’re focused on providing extraordinarily easy and familiar ways to access the digital economy, have complete visibility and control over your money, while continuing to provide world class security that protects your personal information and money at all times. Stay tuned for exciting developments in the next few weeks as we continue to gain engineering and regulatory momentum!

Included in this momentum is the fast and furious growth of our development community. By tapping in to Bitreserve Connect, our open API, businesses are able to integrate and extend our platform’s features to their own business as well as their consumer solutions. Businesses are gaining free international transfers, zero cost conversions, regulatory compliance, state-of-the-art security and changing their business models virtually overnight. The amount of disruption we’re beginning to see is getting me excited for what’s to come – and we’re only just getting started! Congrats to all of our early innovators – keep up the good work!

Lastly, I’m pleased to report that we’re continuing to hire at break neck speed! Since our launch we’ve over double the size of our global teams! Please see our Careers page to check out open positions in our London, San Francisco and Braga, Portugal offices today!

Thanks again for being a member of Bitreserve. Without your dedication and support we would not be able to pioneer cloud money! As always, please send any questions, feedback or ideas you may have to [email protected], or send me a tweet @anthonywatson. We’re listening and always interested in what you have to share!

Watch this space. The best is yet to come!