At Uphold, we are constantly working on new innovations to improve our platform and overall experience for our members. From being one of the first global platforms to integrate with the XRP ledger to streamlined payment solutions, our team is dedicated to technological advances that provide better control of funds for our members and an overall user-friendly platform that means access to fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and commodities trading for the masses and not just a select few.

In the past, our members occasionally were left waiting hours for a response to a customer support issue. That’s not how it works anymore. As demand for cryptocurrency has increased over the past year, our customer support team has also grown.  John Botinas, Head of Support, has led the dramatic changes to transform the support staff from a small team into a 24/7 hub.

Six months ago, we were backlogged. Sometimes it could take up to two-weeks for a ticket to be resolved. I am happy to report, we have markedly improved those numbers and today, the average response time for any issue is 12 minutes and tickets are resolved in a few days. That includes the time we leave the communication open with members in case any other questions come up.

Here’s a breakdown of how far our support team has come:

What’s in store for the future of Uphold’s customer support? Chat support is our next feature in development. It will provide immediate feedback for members, as they can have access to an agent within minutes directly on the website. The best part is that chat support will help members with issues with troubleshooting and any questions they have about navigating the website. Currently, we have content on our Frequently Asked Questions page and on the blog, but this would give members the ability to immediately have access to a real-time guide instead of searching for the answer somewhere on the site. Chat support will also allow for issues to be escalated up the chain more quickly when any compliance or fraud questions come up.

Phone support is also in development, though it will take more time for that to unroll. As Botinas explains, “We want to take our time and get it right. Currently, we are focused on chat support as we know that will add a lot of value to our members.” However, it is very important to re-emphasize to our members that you should never accept a call from anyone claiming to be from Uphold. Additionally, our team will never redirect you to a third party site, asking you to log-in to your Uphold account, we encourage our members to remain vigilant and aware of any potential phishing scam and contact our fraud prevention team if they believe they have been contacted by or a victim of a phishing scam.

We are so proud of the work of John Botinas and his team in improving the overall experience for Uphold members from where we were just six months ago! We know we aren’t the only ones who are grateful. Check out some hot-off-the-presses feedback from members on Twitter: