From early in our company’s history, Uphold has been a pioneer in bringing the safety and security of gold as a means of storing value. We were the first to implement the concept of digital gold, or “BitGold™,” by allowing our members to hold gold that was backed by a full and vaulted gold reserve, and then to send that gold instantly across our network to anyone in the world. Ever since we first launched our BitGold product, members have asked, “but what do I do, if I want to redeem my gold for actual, physical, hold-in-the-palm-of-my-hand gold?”

Well, with our latest partnership with Ausecure, an online gold e-commerce service, I am happy to say that there is now a way to do just that. Through Ausecure, Uphold members can easily acquire physical gold using the value and money they have stored in their Uphold account.

Gold is exciting to us at Uphold because gold transcends boundaries, language and currency. It is among the few universal stores of value in the world, and is one of the most reliable stores of value through-out human history.

Uphold makes it easy to store large amounts of gold in the cloud, which would otherwise be impractical to store personally. What Ausecure brings to the table is a way to diversify your gold holdings by redeeming portions as physical gold delivered right to your door-step through their integration with our open API and Uphold Connect.

We are excited to add Ausecure to our family of development partners building on top of our platform, and we love to see new applications like Auscure’s that extend the utility of our platform in a way that only an open and vibrant partner and developer community can.

Additionally, Uphold members have access to easily and instantly buy, hold or redeem value in the other precious metals currently supported, including silver, platinum or palladium. The value is then accessible to send to anyone, anywhere, convert to any of the other currencies for a very low cost. Read more about Uphold’s gold and precious metal options on our FAQ.

Onwards & Upwards!

Byrne Reese

VP, Customer Success