In May, we announced our existence to the world and kicked off a private beta program to refine our product and experience prior to our public release.

The Bitreserve Team has been listening closely to the valuable feedback given by you and your fellow beta participants, working tirelessly to make Bitreserve a killer product, service and experience. Check out our recent coverage from The Wall Street Journal.

This month, we will open Bitreserve up to the public we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Transparency – At launch, we will publish a real-time, verifiable, proof of solvency. Anyone at any time can confirm that the aggregate value in our members’ wallets are matched one-for-one with assets in our full reserve. Real-time transparency is both a core value and one of our greatest innovations. We’re proud to be setting a new standard of accountability for the world of finance.
  • Reducing Costs – We’re focused on driving costs down and dialing convenience up, which is why sending and receiving money via Bitreserve is 100% free, and we lowered our BTC to USD conversion rate to 0.45%.
  • Security – We’ve applied best practices and technologies to every aspect of our systems, products, installations, networks and people. While many of our security measures are kept confidential for your safety, we have a world class security team and are constantly evolving our security measures to meet the ever-changing threats posed by bad actors.
  • Platform and API – Bitreserve is more than just a cloud-based wallet for digital money, it’s a development platform to power the next generation of digital money applications and products. If you’re interested in working with our API, please contact us at [email protected].
  • Spit and Polish – In order for digital money to gain wide-spread adoption, Bitreserve has to be easy and fun to use, which is why we spend time refining and nurturing existing features while we dream up new ones.

We look forward to growing the Bitreserve community and we wouldn’t be able to do so without your suggestions and support. Thank you for being a part of this world-changing endeavor and stay tuned!