A little over a month ago, we announced that you can now buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Uphold.

We are excited to share that starting today, Uphold members can now buy, hold and convert value to BCH with just a few clicks, right from their account. This means that we believe BCH has achieved the stability and liquidity to graduate from Tier Four to Tier Three in our reserve.

We make buying, holding, converting and sending Bitcoin Cash easy for anyone to understand and anyone to do – just as we’ve done for Bitcoin, Ethereum and any of the 30+ other currencies we support. Additionally, those members who held value in BTC in their Uphold wallets on August 1st were issued the equivalent number of BCH coins and can now access those funds.

Members Can:

  • Buy BCH directly from their Uphold Wallet
  • Convert BCH from any other currency in their Uphold Wallet
  • Hold BCH in any value for any length of time for FREE
  • Send BCH from external wallet into Uphold Wallet
  • Send BCH to anyone with an email or Uphold account for FREE*

Pricing and Fees:

  • 100% FREE to send and receive within Uphold
  • A 0.95% fee is applied to all exchanges
  • Bitcoin Cash’s price index is determined in real-time directly from external exchanges, which are separate to and independent of Uphold
  • Visit our FAQ to learn more

Our support of Bitcoin Cash is another example of how Uphold continues to innovate and further represents our expansion and support of the growing demand for digital currencies, including tokens, coins and emerging assets.

Click here to learn more about Bitcoin Cash.

Drop us a note at [email protected] and let us know your thoughts on Bitcoin Cash and if you plan to hold BCH — your opinion matters!

-The Uphold Team

*Currently not available to Uphold members in New York