At Uphold, we value our members and frequently receive requests for new features and partnerships. We are thrilled to announce that one the most frequently requested offerings, Dash payroll via Bitwage, is now live and available for our members.

The launch of Dash by Bitwage is in addition to the existing support of bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. Dash’s trading volume continues to increase as does the demand by the Uphold community to get paid in Dash. With this integration, members can now get paid in Dash via Bitwage and decide if they would like to hold value in Dash, transfer between the 30+ currencies Uphold supports or move to a bank account or external crypto wallet. CNBC recently quoted our CRO, Robin O’Connell in an article highlighting the global adoption of gig economy and remote contractors being paid in cryptocurrency, “The process of paying into that individual’s bank takes time and is super expensive. Cryptocurrencies have become an equalizer for a lot of these individuals.”

Whether you are a consultant working for a company across the globe or in a more traditional role, Bitwage enables anyone to get paid easily in cryptocurrency.

Getting Started:

If you don’t already have an Uphold account, you will need to sign-up for an account on Uphold and Bitwage. Once you’ve established those accounts, here’s a guide to help you get started:

1. Once logged into your Uphold account. You will need to create a ‘Dash’ card. Simply click “Add card/currency” from your dashboard and select Dash.

2. Once you’ve created the card, integrate your accounts. Visit the Bitwage site and under “Add Distribution” choose “Savings and Cards”. You can add your Uphold Dash card instantly!

By simplifying the payroll process via our partner Bitwage, we continue to innovate and support the expansion of the growing demand for digital currencies. We are proud to provide our members with new payroll solutions and opportunities to manage their money without the delays and fees associated with the legacy payroll processes.