As the Founder of BookingTeam, and with a career in the vacation rental industry for 12+ years, I’ve seen the industry shift towards self-service booking sites such as AirBnB. Even traditional vacation websites such as are now moving towards the self service ecosystem where hosts work directly with guests.

Unfortunately, another development is the gradual monopolization of the market, which places more pressure on hosts and rental managers to manage the entirety of the rental funnel, including:

  • automated calendars with tiered pricing,
  • timely support for quest inquiries and issues, and
  • secure payment processing (payment collection and payout) in one central dashboard.

These tasks can become complicated and time-consuming, oftentimes costing hosts and rental managers revenue due to decreased ratings. was built to address these booking challenges with a service that gives hosts and rental managers the tools to more effectively and efficiently manage their businesses, and increase revenue. BookingTeam lets our clients operate smooth businesses so they can focus on being awesome at hospitality again!

A HUGE part is the simplification and effective management of guest payments, some very strong booking sites require this time consuming task to be done on a constant basis.

BookingTeam partnered with Uphold so that we can reconcile all pay-outs and quickly send them to the hosts in the most cost and time effective manner possible.

Our hosts and rental managers love using Uphold in tandem with their BookingTeam as the payouts from ANY site is timely and clearly specified in their accounts.

We at BookingTeam know payment processing is as crucial to success as is excellent hospitality.

Ride the wave of upward spiraling bookings and stop wasting time on the insignificant details.

We highly recommend Uphold to anyone whether you’re using it for guest payments or anything else, it’s the most modern, smart, and efficient manner to move money around the world.

– Edwin Hudepol, Founder & CEO at


If you are interested in learning more about how you can build on Uphold, please contact [email protected]