Since inception, Bitreserve has been guided by the belief that if we can change money, we can change the world.

Change money and the unbanked can become banked. Immigrants and the working poor can keep more of their hard-earned pay. Small businesses and startups can compete on a level payments playing field against corporate giants. Change money and the black box model of today’s banking sector can be replaced with a glass house model defined by real-time transparency, a new standard for financial stewardship.

With this belief and mission, I set out to build a profitable company that makes holding, sending and spending money as fast, free and easy as everything else in our digital lives, with the ultimate goal of creating a fairer and more inclusive global financial system.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of, as well as the news that Bitreserve’s cloud money system now supports two additional currencies that are key to bringing basic financial services to the unbanked and lowering the cost of remittances — the Indian Rupee (bitrupee™) and the Mexican Peso (bitpeso™).

Introducing provides a clear visualization of where Bitreserve members are located, which bitcurrencies they’re holding and where our members are sending it. This real-time and historic tool to visualize digital money transfers is in line with what we believe to be the tenets of digital currency — inclusion, fairness and transparency. Visitors to the site can send themselves $1 in the currency of their choice just by entering their email — a small step toward billions of people around the globe having their first access to basic financial services. We hope helps many more people understand the power and potential of digital money.

Introducing New Currencies

I am also thrilled to announce the launch of the bitrupee (BitINR) and bitpeso (BitMXN), two key developing world currencies now supported by Bitreserve’s cloud money system. The bitpeso is key to realizing the potential of our partnership with Bitreserve’s largest investor, Ricardo Salinas-Pliego, one of Mexico’s most admired entrepreneurs and the Chairman and CEO of Grupo Salinas, one of Latin America’s largest and fastest-growing business groups. Grupo Salinas is a pioneer in bringing basic financial services to the poor and working class through its retail and banking arm Grupo Elektra. With over 2,600 retail outlets and bank branches throughout Latin America, Grupo Salinas will be a key partner in bringing the benefits of Bitreserve’s cloud money system to millions of Mexicans working in the US and hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses throughout Latin America.

Our launch of BitMXN and BitINR comes barely a month after we announced Multi Currency + Multi Language. In total, Bitreserve now supports eight real-world currencies, four precious metals, and bitcoin, and offers its service in eight languages. Adding new stores of value and new languages is part of our pledge to bring the benefits of digital currency to everyone around the world.

Creating An Accessible (And Affordable) Financial System

More than 2.5 billion adults have no access to basic financial services and only 41 percent of adults in developing economies have a bank account. At Bitreserve, we believe that everyone deserves access to affordable financial services. Our increasingly connected world needs a financial system that supports the fast, free, and easy movement of money, one that empowers the most vulnerable and needy of our global citizens.

We are committed to reducing costs and putting consumers and businesses in control of their money. Our growth and partnerships are a testament to people around the world recognizing that together we can build a fairer, faster, lower cost, transparent and real-time financial system. Together we can change money and thereby change the world. But enough of me telling you about, go check it out for yourself!

Thank you for your continued support.

— Halsey