Everyone loves a gift certificate, and now, with the power of a new cloud money app called Easy.Money, you can give the gift of money to anyone anywhere in the world, instantly, by sending them an email or by printing out a personalized paper voucher.

You don’t have to shop anywhere specific, or choose a particular restaurant. You don’t have to know bank details, and you don’t have to pay any fees. Whether they’re across the street or across the ocean, give friends and family a gift certificate securely and instantly.

How It Works

To start:

1. Login to Easy.Money using your Bitreserve login and password. If you don’t have an account, create a free Bitreserve account in just minutes.

2. Select Create A Voucher.

3. Use one of your currency cards to fund the voucher in whatever currency will best suit your lucky giftee. We’ve got 9 to choose from, plus four precious metals if you want to give some gold.

4. Name the voucher to suit the occasion: Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Enjoy The Show! Love You! If you’re sending a large amount, you can generate a PIN code for extra protection.

5. Send or print and present your gift in person! Easy!

The process is just as easy on the receiving end:

  1. Login in to Easy.Money using your Bitreseve login credentials (or create a free Bitreserve account in a matter of minutes if you aren’t already a member).
  2. Enter the code on your certificate, click Redeem, and voila! The money immediately appears on your currency card.
  3. Now you can hold, send, or convert the money to other currencies within your Bitreserve account. All completely safe, instant and for free.

“This kind of service is exactly what we had in mind when we launched Bitreserve Connect. We wanted to appeal to developers in every field, from the visionaries to the practical-minded; anyone who wants to harness the power of cloud money to make their products easier, quicker, cheaper, and safer for their customers.” As our founder Halsey Minor wrote in a recent blog post, “we’re focused on empowering businesses to create and deliver state-of-the-art financial services apps to deserving consumers across the globe.”

Easy.Money — integrated with Bitreserve via our open API — is just such a service. Try it now!