We at Uphold are very excited to announce the launch of Heleum a new multi-currency trading application that runs on the Uphold platform via its open API. The app continuously monitors exchange rates across the nine most traded national currencies and three top cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum), moving funds instantly and automatically in members’ Uphold wallets, when rates are the most advantageous.

“Heleum helps grow your money by directing your funds to float systematically between currencies. We would not have been able to launch this app without access to the Uphold platform, which takes care of all the compliance and security issues associated with moving across digital currencies to enable perfectly executed trades,” said Pace Ellsworth, Heleum CEO.

While in closed beta, Heleum enabled 400+ members to trade automatically via Uphold, generating average returns of 21% in less than six months. Following their launch on November 1, the Heleum team has extended their beta promotion to those who sign up by November 22.

Beta promotion benefits:


  • Any user who signs up during the promotional period will get an instant and permanent boost to balloon gains and the opportunity to eliminate all Heleum fees by referring other users to the app. The free web app is available from the Heleum website. iOS and Android apps are currently in development.
  • Inclusion in the Beta Boost (10% added to your gains)
  • Referral Boosts = 1% added to gains for each verified member referral that is active for at least 30 days (up to 40 users)


We see the partnership with Heleum as an exciting new addition to the Uphold ecosystem, powering consumer-friendly, hands-off investing. It provides Uphold members with a powerful and accessible app that automatically trades between a selection of our supported currencies. Heleum is a wonderful example of the potential that our open API offers. We have a number of exciting partners in the pipeline and look forward to a very busy few months!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions drop us a line [email protected]. If you’re a developer or have an idea you’re interested in exploring our open API visit our Developer Page to learn more.

-The Uphold Team