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*This Article Has Been Updated As Of January 2019*

When it comes to digital money, there are heaps of different cryptocurrencies to choose from. 

Dash Digital Cash is becoming a must-have cryptocurrency for instant, low-cost transactions. Consumers want to have the security of knowing that their money is safe, as well as the ability to transact instantaneously from across the globe. Dash fulfills both of these needs and more, allowing for zippy transactions over a secure, private network.

The History of Dash

Dash was created in 2014 by a developer named Evan Duffield. While Bitcoin was creating an entirely new paradigm for digital currencies, Duffield realized there was room for improvement. Bitcoin was at the forefront of the digital currency revolution, yet it was slow to transact and lacked true privacy for users.

Duffield envisioned a new form of cryptocurrency… one that would be able to transact instantly and anonymously across its network. In 2014, he launched Darkcoin, intentionally naming it in a way that would help users understand the anonymity that the coin provided.

In March 2015, Darkcoin was rebranded to Dash. Dash is short for “digital cash” – a better representation for the broad uses of the currency.

Why Buy Dash?

In many ways, Dash mirrors Bitcoin. It’s even built on much of the same code, but with a few major upgrades. Dash’s technologies allow users to send Dash anonymously at lightning speeds — something that Bitcoin had failed to accomplish.

This is done through a two-tiered system involving miners and master nodes.

  • Miners verify transactions across the network and create new blocks on the blockchain
  • Master nodes perform PrivateSend, InstantSend, and governance functions

PrivateSend means that users of Dash are the only ones with access to their financial transactions and information. This is unlike Bitcoin, where each transaction is transmitted on the public blockchain for all to see.

Dash includes a feature called InstantSend, where transactions can be verified instantly. This can be done via the master nodes locking in specifications for a transaction so that it can be verified almost instantaneously, without it having to be verified by miners. This innovation in speed is something that few other cryptocurrencies have been able to replicate.

These technological innovations, along with substantially lower transaction fees across its network, allow for more scalability in the form of micro-transactions for consumers looking to move small amounts of Dash in any given transaction.

How To Buy Dash

Dash can be a great addition to any cryptocurrency portfolio. Uphold makes it easy to purchase Dash and secure it with all of your other cryptocurrencies in a simplified platform.

There are six easy steps to buy Dash:


  1. Sign up for an Uphold account.
  2. Once you have successfully created an account, you will be taken to your dashboard which displays your Uphold Wallet. In your Wallet, you can create and customize your money cards. Each card reflects a supported currency.
  3. To add a Dash card to your wallet, click the “add card/currency” button. Choose “Dash” to add the card to your wallet.
  4. You will now see your Dash card in your Uphold Wallet. You can add the card to your favorites and even move it to the top of your list for easy navigation.
  5. Next, click on your Dash card and choose “Add Funds.”
    Uphold gives you many options for funding your Dash card, including ACH transfers, SEPA bank accounts, and external cryptocurrency addresses.
  6. Once you add funds to your Dash card, navigate to the activity section of the card to see your transaction history and account balance information.Dash on Uphold wallet

After you’ve securely purchased Dash via Uphold, it is easy to utilize your new holdings in many ways. You can:

  • Use your Uphold Dash card to send funds to anyone with an email address.
  • Send the cash equivalent to a connected bank account.
  • Transfer Dash between one of your other Uphold cards.

Once you have your Dash card, you can also take advantage of tools like InstaSend and increase the speed of all of your Dash transactions!

At Uphold, we’re proud to support currencies that are truly innovative. We make buying, hodling, converting, and sending value between the 30+ digital and traditional currencies we support easy for anyone to understand and anyone to do.

This article should not be used as or considered investment advice. If you have questions regarding cryptocurrencies, tokens, or any financial investments, please consult your financial advisor.