Welcome to another ‘Meet the team’ installment. Our customer base has grown significantly over the last few years; have you ever wondered who’s leading the teams in helping you with anything account related? Meet our Customer Service Operations lead at Uphold, Filipe. Filipe has worked at Uphold for less than 2 years and managed to fully transform our CS operation, growing the team substantially as well as building out the processes to ensure 24/7 coverage.

What do you do at Uphold? 

I’m the Customer Service Operations lead. Since I joined in November 2019 as the 275th employee and we’ve grown the team extensively since. I’ve built out the CS department and now we have a team of 185 across three continents. It’s been a crazy ride as we’ve seen incredible growth in the last few years – we’ve now got over 6 million customers! 

What does your day to day look like? 

My first task of the day is to assign particular tasks to agents in order to prioritise customer resolution. Once this is done, it’s vital that I update productivity reports for quality measurements in order to track agents and support daily operations. 

From there, I have a daily briefing with my team, ‘Customer Service Quality Coordinators’.  We outline the tasks for the day, challenges we may be currently facing and how we’re going to resolve them. We’re the main escalation channel for colleague queries at Uphold. I also make training guides, FAQ documents and guidance, so that these types of questions/ issues can be resolved by the staff when faced with these problems in the future. 

After I’ve had lunch, the U.S. day starts and my day gets kicked up a gear. I spend the afternoon floating between escalation requests and meetings. I’m involved with the Product, Engineering, Fraud and Compliance teams. We strategize and discuss the integration between new partners, new products, business intelligence and purchasing requests. 

What is the single most valuable thing you learned at Uphold? 

Watching the company grow significantly quickly; I’ve begun to take the impression that a company is a living organism. All departments have to be working and moving in the same direction, while working in sync, in order for everything to work as a whole. 

What inspired you to work in crypto? 

At Uphold, we’re building a platform that will revolutionise payments and remittances. I also personally invest in crypto! I understand the doors that this world opens in terms of sending money worldwide. It’s my money, so I can send it where I want, to who I want, when I want. 

What company values resonate with you the most?

Transparency brings trust and once you’ve got someone’s trust they’ll more than likely, stay loyal. They go hand in hand and I think it’s an important value to make use of at home and in work. 

What’s the biggest challenge that you think Uphold is facing right now?

At the moment, the biggest challenge in my department is scaling the team. We’ve been seeing exceptionally high volumes of inquiries this year and this trend continues to have a huge impact on CS operations. We’re always hiring, but never compromise on quality. If you’re up for a challenge and want to help us build the future of finance, apply!

What’s a fun fact about you that would surprise us? 

I’ve worked in technology, human resources and customer support all my life but my dream is to be a farmer. Complete ends of the spectrum, I know!