Ever wonder about all of the creative people working behind the scenes to make Uphold such a dynamic platform? Okay, maybe not but we still figured it was time to give our community a look into how it all works! Welcome to our “Meet the Team” Q&A blog. This week, we’re chatting to our Head of Business Accounts, Kaily – enjoy!

What do you do at Uphold? 

My role at Uphold is to liaise between Uphold and our Business Account users to promote our values and services whilst working strategically to ensure that accounts are growing and getting maximum possible value from our Uphold platform and our API offering. My role has evolved over time. When I started here, in talent management, it was a period of reorganization with Robin, our Chief Revenue Officer, growing his team. I had some experience in sales and account management and that’s what was needed so it grew from there! 

What does your day to day look like?

I guess due to the nature of the role it’s heavily involved in customer relationships so my day primarily revolves around fielding calls and emails with potential and current partners. So, business account holders as well as API partners. I guess you could also find me project managing API integrations from coordinating technical discussions with the partner’s team and ours to internal discussions around onboarding and KYC. I also work closely with the rest of my team to plan, conceptualize and deliver improvements to our department and overall customer experience. We’re really working on growing our department in a “grown-up sense” making it the best possible experience for our business & API customers. From the initial point of contact with us to the time they go live with an API integration, and everywhere in between  we want to make sure that they’re really well taken care of and the entire experience was a breeze. It’s also a vital part of my role to ensure current partners are hitting their milestones and abreast of of the latest Uphold features so them and their end users can continue to make the most out of the platform so it’s always important to factor in product updates and staying abreast of the latest Uphold features into my daily rotation. 

What is the single most valuable thing you learned at Uphold? 

I would say that when you work with a group of good people, anything is possible. When I started with the company, I think we were about 75 or 80 employees and now we’re over 250! It’s just been amazing to see what our group has accomplished in the past 3 years I’ve been here. We say it all the time here; it’s like being on a rocket ship!

What inspired you to work in crypto? 

That’s a good question. About 4 or 5 years ago I got interested in crypto investing myself and I thought it’d be really cool to join a company in the space to learn more about it and get involved with something that fascinated me. I think it’s really interesting to be on the bleeding edge of something and getting involved in crypto is almost analogous to getting involved with the internet during the dot com era. It’s kind of like the wild west where things are constantly changing and evolving and it’s just exciting to be in an industry where no two days in the news are the same.  

What company values resonate with you the most?

I think we have a lot of really great company values. As far as the one with which I most identify, that has changed over time over time but the democratization of finance is really a great value of ours. I really now see the importance of it; being in the US most aspects of payments come really easily to us and we have a lot of options of how we go about paying or being paid. But in other regions this isn’t always the case; payment options aren’t always as streamline or readily available so I love that Uphold is bridging the gap and enabling users from all over the globe to access services that might not otherwise be as readily available to them. 

What’s the biggest challenge that you think Uphold is facing right now? 

I guess, if I had to put a title on it, ‘scaling’. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, there’s a lot of users now and a lot of demand from those users to have various services or products. I think in the past we’ve always been able to meet those demands with our amazing team. But now that there’s so many customers there’s an increasing number of those demands. Plus the crypto space is constantly growing so just keeping up with what’s going on in the space and making sure we’re competitive. I think we do a really good job of it but it’s impossible to always be at the next new thing and have it all in real time. There’s always a new challenge on the horizon!  

What’s a fun fact about you that would surprise us?

I have dual citizenship, my Dad was born in England so watch out London office — I might have to come make the leap across the pond!