Member Profile: Marco Montes Neri, Founder of Saldo Incorporated

Location: San Francisco, California and Mexico City, MX

About Marco

Marco Montes Neri is the Founder of Saldo Incorporated. With, people in the U.S. can pay for their families’ utility bills in Mexico instantly, for a nominal fee, with no Mexican bank account required.

Marco’s Challenge

To operate effectively, has a team of employees located in US, Mexico, Spain, Germany and India that spend corporate money in order to attend conferences and meetings, as well as purchase travel and lodging. Prior to using Bitreserve, Marco was using traditional banks for money conversion, making payments and wiring funds to reimburse employees across international borders. This system was expensive and time consuming, but more importantly, this took multiple days to execute when bills and invoices needed to be paid in a timely manner in order for the team to travel and effectively do their work. Marco lacked visibility into what his employees were spending, was delayed by manual bookkeeping, and burdened by late payments.

Bitreserve’s Value

Now Saldo Incorporated uses Bitreserve to hold and have visibility into their corporate funds, allocate money to certain currency cards, and spend digital money directly from Bitreserve in order to buy flights, lodging and transportation for their personnel using the increasing number of companies that accept bitcoin. Bitreserve is now their go-to tool to manage corporate spending and budgeting.

“We really value the ease-of-use and transparency of the Bitreserve wallet,” said Founder & CEO Marco Montes Neri. “Now I, or a member of my Accounts Payable team, can login to our account and see all of our company transactions in real-time. This is a very important aspect of the service for me.”

Marco accesses the Bitreserve account at any time to see how much money the company has left in their account, settle payments and look at the entire transaction history of a given currency card.

“For the first time we trust a wallet for holding and moving money and spending bitcoin from the wallet. We have even started to use and Expedia so that we can make payments with bitcoin directly from Bitreserve,” explained Neri.

Future Applications

In the future, team members will face the need to settle payment to diverse merchants locally wherever they are. Bitreserve and services around will give them the advantage to do it leveraging bitrupees™ and bitpesos™. “We look forward to off ramps for digital money.” Then we feel Bitreserve will be an irreplaceable tool for members.