Money is a common language that connects people worlds apart. For us, the ability to offer accessibility and optionality to multilingual users around the world doesn’t stop at translations. To truly embrace the global nature of money, we must offer what’s familiar and safe to people across cultures.

As of today, our global members now have the option to hold bitcoin in the form of silver, platinum, palladium and the Swiss Franc. They are also able to engage with Bitreserve in Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish (French and German coming soon!). With these additions, we’re thrilled to provide six real world currencies, four precious metals, bitcoin, and six languages. The continuation to add more currencies to our wallet offering underscores that the money we use everyday is just as integral to our sense of identity as the community we are from and the language we speak.

Options Pay Off

We are introducing the bitsilver™, bitplatinum™ and bitpalladium™ (in addition to bitgold, which we launched in November) in order to provide people with more access to universally accepted and stable commodities. Holding these values as stable commodities, but with the power to spend and send as bitcoin, makes these precious metals instantly transferable and transactional for the first time. The bitfranc™ (Swiss Franc) is a strong currency in its own right with a proven track record of stability. Holding bitcoin in Swiss Franc will empower our members to invest, move and hold their assets with confidence.

Ease Matters

These new currency additions represent a big step forward for the globalization and diversification of digital currency. Holding and using currency that is familiar to you will, we hope, continue to spark movement toward the wider adoption of digital currency. Whether you’re traveling, investing in the future, or paying people overseas, our new Card Manager allows you to easily organize your various currencies and values for your everyday needs. Login or Join Now to check it out.

Innovation is Our Business

For Bitreserve, introducing multi-currency and multi-language options embodies our mission to unlock bitcoin for potential adopters around the world while enhancing user experience for current members. We’re making precious metals – widely seen as the most traditional, stable and universally accepted currency – instantly transferable and readily available for members.

Finding the best ways to facilitate an easy and delightful entry into the digital economy, including the ongoing addition of new currency and commodity options to our digital wallet, will continue to be a focus area for Bitreserve…and we’re just getting started! Thanks for your continued use of Bitreserve and please get in touch with our Member Success team with any questions by emailing [email protected].