Today, we are excited to announce U.S. members now can link a bank account, debit or credit card to their Uphold account. This allows members a more accessible way to apply funds directly into their Uphold account as well as move funds from their Uphold account balance back into their bank account. This is just another step on our global mission to make it simple and easy for anyone anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in 24 currencies and four commodities instantly, securely and for free.

Bitcoin is FREE

Uphold continues to support bitcoin and we have independently verified the cheapest and fastest place on planet earth for bitcoin. It’s FREE to buy bitcoin, FREE to hold bitcoin, FREE to convert bitcoin and FREE to send bitcoin to anyone, anywhere. Certain fees apply to transactions above certain limits, see below.

Calling all developers

Uphold’s new functionality also offers more possibilities for developers through our open API Uphold Connect. Need inspiration? Check out Bitwage one of our developer partners who are changing the future of payroll.

Pricing & Fees: What’s FREE and Where There Are Fees

What’s FREE

  • FREE Membership. It is completely FREE to open an Uphold account and become a member of Uphold.
  • FREE Account funding and onboarding. It is completely FREE for Uphold members to fund their Uphold account from any bank or bitcoin.
  • FREE Member to member transfers on Uphold. It is completely FREE for Uphold members to transfer value between each other, regardless of their global location, the frequency or amount transferred.
  • FREE Foreign exchange & currency conversion. Uphold members can convert and exchange any foreign currency (Forex) for FREE. There are ZERO conversion costs and Uphold does NOT charge fees of any nature for Forex. Uphold simply applies the mid-market rate to all conversions. (The mid-market rate is the mid-point between the best BID and ASK values available on the global currency markets and it constantly fluctuates. This rate is totally neutral and independent of Uphold.) Uphold currently supports 24 currencies and four precious metals.

Where There Are Fees

  • Some fees apply to take value off and out of Uphold (to cover our external costs and charges), but we only apply fees above certain – annual limits.
  • Credit & debit card fees. A fee of 2.75% applies to members who choose to fund their Uphold account with a debit and/or credit card. Visa and MasterCard initially.
  • For United States based members it’s completely FREE to withdraw value out of and off Uphold (i.e. take value out of Uphold by transferring value to your bank account or transferring to a bitcoin address) up to $12,000 (USD) or 60 Bitcoin (BTC) per year. Thereafter, a small fee of 0.5% (to cover our external costs and charges) applies. This fee ONLY applies to transaction amounts above our members’ annual limits. Remember: ALL member-to-member transfers and transactions are completely FREE, regardless of the members’ location, amount, currency choice, or frequency.

For more information about eligibility, fees, and information on Uphold, please visit our FAQ.

Don’t delay – Join us now!

Onwards and Upwards!

J.P. Thieriot

Vice Chairman, Head of the Reserve and Investor Relations