Wondering what happened last in the world of digital money? There’s only so much time in the day to follow all the stories happening minute-by-minute. Thankfully, Uphold is on your side. I’m Rawdon Messenger, and I’ve compiled a list of the top stories so you stay up to date.

Crypto Market Volatility Continues

Last week, especially, has been a busy one for the Uphold team. As new buyers and technical traders made record-breaking exchanges, Uphold was the secure platform our members could trust to keep every transaction smooth.

Tuesday, there was near record-breaking trading volume across the big cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple all crashed in value, which meant a lot of nervous people were looking to sell while bargain hunters and technical traders were ready to take advantage of low prices. The media attention further spurred more trading and drove the market further down. If you want to lock into a low market price for cryptocurrency, this week was the week to do it.

Fast Moving Market: Uphold Helps

Over at the Uphold blog, we’re publishing new content every week. Check out our latest blog post: How to Take Advantage of Market Fluctuations with Uphold. As market prices dropped, we wanted to remind our users that you can take advantage of market fluctuation from your Uphold account. You can buy any coins you need and will be locked into the market price.

How? Many users rely on ACH to transfer funds from their bank account to Uphold. While this can take a few days, Uphold honors the price you lock at the time of transfer. We also offer instant trading, which means you are always buying at the price you see. Now, or in the future, you can use Uphold to your advantage.

Brave Announces $1 Million Crypto-Token Giveaway

Brave Software is a new browser focused on faster and more private browsing. Wednesday, Brave Software announced a giveaway for $1 million worth of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). Users can nominate their favorite websites, content creators, or Youtubers to receive a grant from the giveaway, up to $5 worth of BAT. Uphold is the choice wallet for BAT, and we’re excited to see how this token continues to shape online publishing, and with this giveaway more people should be paying attention to BAT’s value.

DASH InstantSend is Now Live on Uphold

Some good news for DASH traders. We are happy to announce support of InstantSend, yet another great feature from DASH offered on the Uphold platform. DASH is an altcoin that has started to grow in the crypto market over the past few months because of the InstantSend feature. With many traders frustrated with Bitcoin’s slow transactions, DASH’s InstantSend is a welcome solution. To use it, make sure your recipient has InstantSend active on their wallet.

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