At Uphold we strive to bring together pioneering partnerships and today we announce an industry first integration with online stockbroker and forex trader Tradeview Markets, offering Traders instant, transparent and affordable depositing and trading of currencies and commodities.

This integration of a stock broker and forex trader exemplifies the endless possibilities of Uphold’s open API, Uphold Connect. Through Uphold’s disruptive technology, Tradeview customers can now instantly deposit and convert funds for free via Uphold.

“Tradeview prides itself on customer service, and thanks to Uphold we have more ways to support self-directed and institutional traders around the world,” said Tradeview’s founder and chief executive officer, Timothy Furey. “This integration complements our Innovative Liquidity Connector, and instantly provides more traders the tightest spreads in the industry with minimal fees across a broad range of currencies.”

Uphold will be available for Tradeview customers* starting today. Tradeview’s services are not available for U.S. and Canadian residents or citizens. This partnership saves time and money, offering an instant cloud based solution accessible anytime, anywhere, Traders can now hold their profits on Uphold in 25 supported currencies and four commodities removing exposure to any bank or transaction fees. Tradeview offers a range of services, including institutional services, Forex and Trading Rooms.

Tradeview’s integration with Uphold is yet another exciting use-case of a new industry extending our platform’s unique benefits to their customers, bringing to market a more efficient and effective solution — In this case saving forex traders and brokers the two most important elements to business: time and money. Their community is global, and now, regardless of location or native currency, this partnership can help customers transact safely, and instantly with minimal fees.

Together with Tradeview we’re building a world where money is instant and easy to manage. To learn more about Uphold Connect, Uphold’s open API visit our developer center, the next pioneering idea may be just a click away!

Onwards & Upwards!

Diane Gray-Smith

Chief Financial Officer, Uphold

*Please be advised, services and products described on this site and offered by Tradeview Ltd. (TRADEVIEW) are not being offered within Canada or the United States and not being offered to U.S., Canadian residents or citizens, as defined under applicable law. “U.S. Persons” are generally defined as a natural person, residing in the United States or any entity organized or incorporated under the laws of the United States. U.S. Citizens living abroad may also be deemed “U.S. Persons” under certain rules.