We are excited to announce – starting today, Uphold members have full access to the XRP ledger, including deposits/withdrawals from external XRP wallets.

Today we are thrilled to announce XRP Phase Two is now live! Uphold members now have full access to the XRP ledger including the ability to deposit and withdraw XRP to/from external addresses. This integration follows our Phase One announcement in March, we were one of the first global platforms to enable support of XRP and the first to enable USD/XRP pairings. This is another huge milestone for the Uphold ecosystem, as XRP has become one of the fastest-growing digital assets in 2018.

So what does full access to the XRP ledger mean?

We believe in the future of financial services and are working continuously to build a platform that supports that vision. When we launched support of XRP, we did so in a two-phase launch, first phase support without connectivity to the external network. Which meant our members held XRP but were not able to deposit or withdrawal outside of Uphold. With the launch of phase-two, our members now have full access to the XRP ecosystem, including depositing and withdrawing into/out of their Uphold wallets.

This is a key differentiator, as most retail competitors only provide custodial services aimed at crypto speculators. In other words, they are unable to issue actual XRP wallet addresses, which means their customers are unable to deposit, withdraw or send XRP to other digital wallets – they can only exchange its value back and forth to fiat currencies.

Our support of XRP is yet another example of how Uphold continues to expand and support the growing demand for digital currencies, including tokens, coins, and emerging assets.

How to Create an XRP Card on Uphold:


  • Deposit/withdraw XRP instantly from an external XRP ledger address
  • Buy XRP instantly via its many funding methods: bank transfer, debit/credit card and seven other supported cryptocurrency network rails.
  • Convert XRP between any of the 30+ supported currencies within their Uphold wallet
  • Hodl XRP within their Uphold wallet

“This is an important milestone for Uphold and our members. We were the first to make XRP easily available in the U.S., expanding our offering to include full connectivity to the XRP ledger was the clear next step. This space is becoming crowded with new wallets popping up, offering access to crypto’s, but, if you read the fine print, they’re not selling the actual cryptocurrency and arguably having a negative impact on the market.” Robin O’Connell, CRO Uphold.

How to Connect With XRP Ledger:

Uphold serves 184+ countries and supports 30+ currencies and commodities providing you with access to a global market and the ability to make fast and low-cost transfers both domestically and internationally.