As the world’s fastest growing money platform, we are very excited to announce that Uphold has been selected by Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) as one of just two fintech companies to provide next generation financial services for its network. AWDC had searched for a means of bringing transparency and efficiency to its diamond dealers’ complex matrix of international transactions. Uphold’s platform is perfectly suited for bringing speed, cost savings, versatility and sunlight to an international supply chain not well served by legacy alternatives.

“As the industry’s representative organization, we are always searching for new technologies and ways to support our diamond community. Antwerp has safeguarded its world-leading position in the global diamond market by being agile and adopting innovative technologies,” Ari Epstein, AWDC’s CEO. “We are confident that Uphold’s platform will save time and money for our members and ease the burdens that can be associated with sending funds internationally.”

This innovative program offers the $50BN diamond trade business and AWDC’s 1,800+ authorized diamond traders and dealers the ability to move, hold, transact and settle in any currency or form of value they choose, in over 190 countries instantly, securely and for free.

The elimination of forex costs and settlement delays with Uphold will save AWDC trading partners tens of millions of dollars annually. To learn more about visit this program visit the formal press release here.

We are honored to have been selected by AWDC to serve the unique and complicated financial service needs of the thriving and diverse diamond community. This partnership is illustrative of the rapid-pace of change that fintech is bringing to every industry in every corner of the world. Adopting new fintech solutions will save AWDC’s members time and money while enhancing compliance across all regulatory environments in over 190 countries.

In support of this program, Uphold will open its third European office located in Antwerp, Belgium and it is to be staffed locally, initially with 6 people focused and dedicated to working with AWDC and their trading partners.

Stay connected with us as we continue to innovate into new markets and build out our suite of features, products and services, along with exciting new platform and partner tools.

Join us today. We’re just getting started!

Onwards and Upwards!

Anthony Watson

President and Chief Executive Officer

As always, please feel free to send any questions or comments to me directly via twitter: @AnthonyWatson.