At Uphold, we are constantly working on developing new technology and user interface applications that will make your experience in the cryptocurrency world more fun and simple.

Miguel Ramos is based in our Braga, Portugal offices and is Head of System Operations. In this interview he shares his passions for cryptocurrencies, talks about the exciting new developments in Uphold’s future, and his vision for the “next big thing…”

What do you do at Uphold?

“As the Head of System Operations, I lead the team in order to help create a world-class infrastructure for Uphold. What does this mean? Our goal is to make Uphold’s infrastructure secure, compliant and available to everyone, every time, all the time.

With my background in the cryptocurrency space, I also have an active role in the architecture and technical choices on crypto here at Uphold.”


What do you love most about working at Uphold?

“Without a question, the Uphold team! It’s the most skilled, resourceful and enthusiastic group I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Mix that with the joy of being in such a thrilling, thriving industry and being able to use cutting-edge technology every day, and you’ve got a winner. You can say this is pretty much a dream come true for any engineer.”


How Did You Get Started in Cryptocurrency?

“I first started looking into cryptocurrencies around 2012; Right away, I became really interested in the technology and all the doors it opened. Back then, I used a lot of my free time, especially the weekends, to learn as much as I could.

Initially, I tiptoed around with the idea of mining. I started, like many, by mining bitcoin and shortly after moved to litecoin. After playing around with mining for a couple of months, I felt that I needed to know more, so I decided to move on to the next level and started my own mining pool. That was an amazing learning process. It gave me a huge background on how cryptocurrencies work and everything to do with them. A few years later, when I was invited to join Uphold, all that key experience paid off.”


How Do You See Technology Developing For Cryptocurrencies?

“It’s hard to tell. We have barely started to scratch the surface. Recently, I’ve been following with great enthusiasm all the developments around the Lightning Network and all the new possibilities it could open regarding payments channels.

Every day we see new projects surface with huge potential, like Brave with their Browser and BAT tokens. They are a good example of what the future holds.

However, I believe that the biggest breakthroughs are still to come. I usually say that on what concerns cryptocurrencies, we have yet to see all their true potential.”


Is Uphold Integrating Those Technological Advances?

“Yes, absolutely. We are actively looking into new ways that will allow people to use and transfer their cryptocurrencies faster and in a more secure way. This includes building upon technologies we already have, as well as new ones that we are developing.

For example, we are doing a lot of research on how to provide businesses with a streamlined payment solution, which would allow users and merchants to accept payments within a matter of seconds. In order to make this possible, companies can integrate with Uphold’s open API so they can accept payments from their POS (point of sale). Having a well documented and supported API that anyone can use to build their own applications, is probably one of the coolest things we offer and what make us in many aspects unique in the crypto space.

Using Uphold’s open API, anyone can create solutions that allow transactions in any form of value; or you can exchange your assets to whatever currency you like, at any time. There is a bunch of cool things you can do!”


Final Thoughts

While enthusiasm over the potential for blockchain-based digital currencies has reached a fever pitch, our team continues to examine how the technology can improve alongside the real-world adoption of cryptos. Stay tuned for more updates from Miguel, along with the rest of our team, as these advances become practical for inclusion in our software used daily by Uphold members worldwide.